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Federal Political Parties and Privacy Protection

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The recent controversies over potential vote suppression in key ridings through the practice of robocalling have shed light upon some of the previously opaque internal practices of political parties.  The commentary on these controversies has been extensive, and demonstrates a high level of public interest and engagement in the broader issues about Canadian democracy.  Not far beneath the surface, however, …

Big Data and Small Agencies: Reflections on the 33rd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

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I first attended the annual meeting of the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in 1987 in Quebec City.  In those years, the global community of commissioners amounted to about 30 delegates from around 10 countries.   No corporate representatives were invited, although there were a handful of academic and journalistic observers.  David Flaherty gave the keynote, drawn from his forthcoming …

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Privacy, Places, and an Introduction

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Privacy issues come and go from the political agenda with extraordinary rapidity. The community of privacy advocates,experts, officials and consultants that make up a large, expanding and international network seems constantly  fixated on the “privacy scandal of the week.  Whether it’s the latest data breach, the latest iteration of Facebook’s privacy policy, a particularly pernicious bill going through Congress, a new …